Infrastructure and Learning Resources

This institution has following Infrastructure facilities:
A. One  classroom for every 50 students
B. Multi-purpose hall with seating capacity of 200 and a dias (2000 sq.ft)
C. Library cum Reading Room.
D.ICT Resource Center
E. Curriculum   Laboratory
F. Art and Craft Resource Center
G. Health and Physical Resource center  (including yoga education0
H. Principal Office
I. Staff Room
J. Administrative Office
K. Visitors Room
L. Separate common room for female students
M.  Seminar Room
N. Canteen
O. Seperate toilet facilities for male and female students, for staff and for PWD
P. Parking space
Q. Store Room(two)
R. Multipurpose Play field
S. Open Space for additional accommodation
There is a wide play ground for sports and games purposes. Separate facilities for Yoga and Indoor games are available in the institution . Safe guard against fire hazard is provided in all parts of the building.
This institution campus building, furniture etc. are barrier free.
Hostel for female students is available with all facilities. Dividing system is followed in order to cost of meals.
This institution shall have easy  access to sufficient number of recognized secondary schools within reasonable distance for field work and teaching practice related activities o f the student teachers. This institution shall furnish undertaking  from the schools  that they are willing to provide facilities for teaching practice. The students are allotted for teaching practice by the Chief Educational Officer’s  of the respective Districts in accordance with the strength of the school children and school staff. This teaching practice schools are under the administration of the school  educational department of the state government.
There is a library cum reading room with seating capacity for atleast  50% of students . the library is provided with internet facilities for the use of facilities and student teacher s and staff. Sufficient number of books and journals are available for faculties and student teachers .
There is a curriculum laboratory with materials and resources relating in different areas of school curriculum.

Infrastructure and Learning Resources:
The policy of the institution is to provide quality education to women education in this rural area. Through updating the infrastructure facilities and by providing ICT gadgets to enhancing the process of effective teaching and learning and to meet out the charging needs of higher learning.
This management encourage  the members of staff to attend the refreshers course, seminar and workshop organized by other institution.

Facilities for curricular activities classrooms:
This institution has sufficient number of classrooms and laboratory. All classrooms are sufficiently ventilated with sufficient lighting facilities and required   furnitures. In addition to chalk and black boards, smart class room facilities have been provided. Class rooms, laboratories and other physical infrastructure facilities are located.

Technology Enabled Learning Space(TELS):
The  class rooms in B.Ed  classes or smart classrooms with ICT enabled teaching learning gadgets to fulfill the requirements of the teaching  facilities. These facilities include computer, LCD projector, speaker, collar mike, and smart board.
1. ICT enabled teaching learning facilities English language laboratory for LSRW ( Learning, Speaking,    Reading and Writing) skill development.
2. Smart class room facilities for each class rooms.
3. Seminar/Conference hall and auditorium for  interaction  wit experts and for conducting seminars/workshop/conferences/meeting.
4. Learning resources such as library facilities book banks laboratory equipments , well furnished  laboratories , NPTEL, INFLIBNET/N-LIST membership etc provided.
5.8 Mbps “BSNL” dedicated leased line network with Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the campus is available. A centralized reprographic facilities provided for the use of the staff and students.

Seminars /Conference Hall:
There is a seminar and conference hall in the B.Ed class with audio arrangements.  It has the seating capacity of two hundred and fifty students.
There is a board room to conduct the meeting of the managing committee.
Students profile are documented , maintained and updated by the class incharge and monitored  by the Principal. Each class incharge take care of their students and meet them periodically. The class incharge analyze the students progress in education and take immediate action there on.

There are laboratory with infra-structure facilities, to conduct practical classes of the subjects .

Specilized and Equipments for Teaching
Learning facility                                                                                                                                                                         

Smart  Classroom

Internet  e-resources/ e-content

Educational CD’s

Learning Facilities:

Smart Classroom   

National and International  Journals

Internet  Facilities in the College


IT infrastructure

Number of Computers : 50

LAN facility

All systems are connected through LAN and Wi-Fi Connection. LAN is established by star and hyper net topologies.

Number of nodes/computers with Internet facility

All the systems are supported with internet facility. Bharath Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) provides 1:1 ratio Leased Line internet service to our campus with bandwidth of 8 Mbps.

Maintenance of Campus Facilities

The institution ensures optimum allocation and utilization of available funds for maintenance of building, furniture, equipments, computers and vehicles by discussing it in the meeting of the management council .

  • Periodic servicing of the infrastructure facilities such as lights, fan, A/C and lift, equipments etc., is carried out by hiring skilled technicians.
  • A full time system administrator looks after computer laboratory
  • Plumbers and electricians are always available for repair work
  • Office manager and maintenance engineer look after the maintenance of buses
  • Scavengers clean and maintain the sanitary facilities of the college and hostel
  • Clean campus committee checks the cleanliness in kitchen/store room/dining section/sanitary facilities and cleanliness of cooks and other staff in the student’s hostel
  • The campus is maintained as polythene free campus
  • Mosquito control fogging machine fitted with a vehicle to control mosquitoes is available in the campus
  • Conoweeder has been provided to remove the unwanted weeds
  • Buildings are periodically white/colour washed
Some sensitive equipment such as server is safely located away from student utility area. Adequate numbers of stabilizers ensure power supply without voltage fluctuations. For 24 hours supply of power/water, 1 generators are maintained as standby deep bore wells are the sources of water for drinking and washing purposes. All the laboratories are equipped with fire safety measures.
  • Rain water harvesting system has been implemented to recharge the ground water level