There are separate hostels for boys and girls according to their convineance. Accomodation is comfortable and homely. They have modernized kitchen and spacious dining halls. Food is wholesome.All the hostel maintanance watched by the college management regularly with full satisfication of students. Full Hospitality support provided. Common Room, Reading Room, Television Room, Prayer Hall, Meeting Hall, Play Ground and other facilities provided in this hostel.


Students are admitted to the Hostel only after they secure admission to the College. The parent of the applicant is required to be present at the time of the admission. Membership of the Hostel is for only one year. Senior students wishing to be readmitted will apply again in the prescribed form


Each one is responsible for the cleanliness of the room as well as of his immediate surroundings. Pasting pictures and papers on the walls, doors or windows of the living room and driving nails on the walls are strictly prohibited. Common furniture and property should be responsibly used. Hence damage of any kind to furniture and other common article should be brought immediately to the notice of the Chief Warden or Sub Warden who may deal with the situation at his caution


Wholesome food is supplied in the hostel mess with subsidize prices (dividing system) for the intention of helping the students to happily pursue their studies. Orderly behavior is expected of the inmate in the dining hall. They should present and serve themselves for meals during appointed hours and leave the dining hall as soon as they have finished eating. No one is allowed to enter the kitchen under any circumstances. Mess committee members are formed and regulate the students during mess time.

The hostel provides pure Vegetarian messes only. Meals will be served at the following hours:

Breakfast : 8.20 am. to 9.40 am.
Lunch : Vice 12.50 pm. to 1.20 pm
Supper : 7.30 pm. to 8.30 pm

All are expected to be present on the reopening day of the College i.e. whenever the College reopens after a break. All should attend classes punctually and be present in their rooms during study hours. The hostel should be a place where at certain hours, all the students are able to do quiet, undisturbed and serious study Everyone should cultivate the habit of hard and consistent work. Strict silence is to be observed from 8.30 pm. to 7.30 am. on all days. At the ending of the every day, the hostellers come to in front of Vinayagar Temple and pray together (Songs and Slogan).


The students acquire responsibility and self-discipline and with a view to providing order and harmony in the hostel campus. Different discipline committees are formed among the students and they have to incharge that duty for regulate the students in a proper manner.

The following guidelines are

  • Not allowed to get money or things from the day scholar
  • Not permitted to enter their neighboring friends room
  • Not allowed to use mobile phone and carry bags inside the hostel.
  • Day scholars are not allowed inside the hostel during the college working days
  • To learn sustainable decorum.
  • The discipline committees are strictly inspection to the above guidelines to the students once a week and they should be submitted the report to chief warden.

All are expected to attend classes regularly. Prior permission is needed from Head of the department and class incharges for one to absent oneself from class. Saturday and Sundays are study holidays. The hostellers are discouraged from going home during the weekends as a matter of routine. Those who would like to go home on urgent work should do so with prior permission form the principal and Chief Warden. The hostellers are not allowed to go home or come back from home after expiry of leave.


Each hostel Student will be given a visitor’s pass. The photographs of the father, mother and local guardians should be pasted in the visitor’s pass. Parents should bring the visitor’s pass to meet the students When students are leaving the hostel for holidays parents should handover the visitor’s pass to the warden and it will be returned to the parents on arrival of the students to the hostel. Parents will be allowed to see their daughters only on visitor’s day, i.e., on first Sunday of every month from 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. and also not allowed to given their cell phone to their daughters during the visitor’s day.


On Saturdays and Sundays the inmates are permitted to watch the Television. Hostellers are obliged to attend all the functions held in the Hostel campus. Certificate Courses in computer will be frequently conducted for hostel students after over the college at all working days of the college.